Saturday, January 5, 2013

WEEK 1 ( Stooki / Hemsworth / ZebraSafari / Jakwob / UZ )

ADAPT2TRAP brings fresh trap tracks each week, every week. We simply focus on supplying the readers and listeners with copious amounts of new music that your friends will be begging for where you found it. It's always important to maintain our adapters with the highest standard biweekly; and we plan on doing just that. It is my duty to provide you beautiful people with music; all you have to do in return is tune in and not waste any un-needed time of your important lives on picking through busted tracks. Expect the BEST, because that's exactly what you'll get.


London based production duo Stooki Sound is compiled of DJ Lukey and Jelasee. Focusing mainly on Trap and Hip-Hop. Currently with their debut EP in the works they could potentially blow up at any second.

Ryan Hemsworth is 22 year old remix wizard who'm grew up in Halifax, Nova Scotia. He recently released his EP Last Words which proved to be one of the bigger releases of 2012. Many artists are pretty consistent with their genre and flare but Ryan truely just does whatever the fuck he wants; and it paid off cause he is killing it.

John and Luke met studying at Stockholm University and began producing together in the Spring of 2011 under the alias Zebra Safari; since then, they've made a name for themselves by producing harmonizing beats which are a treat to listen to.

Jakwob is a UK producer that has a knack for finding sounds and synths which are unlike anything anywhere. Jakwob is incomparable, relentless and will show no mercy. If you like this track look deeper because this is the tip of the iceberg. To learn what he's about scout this interview.

︻╦╤─ UZ ─╤╦︻  could walk into a library and get the place turnt up within minutes. This guy is mysterious and stays cloaked while progressing Trap Music and creating a distinct sound behind the genre and this rugged dude truly has no fucks to give.